3 Reasons Why You Need MSM if You’ve Got Pain  in 2022

3 Reasons Why You Need MSM if You’ve Got Pain in 2022

Have you ever woken up the day after a exercising with your entire body aching? While this is usually considered a sign of a good workout, it’s also a sign that the body is dealing with a significant amount of muscular damage. It may sound bad, but this microscopic form of damage is actually what allows the body to build itself back stronger, faster, and more prepared for the stress of exercise in the future. 

Of course, if you’re putting this kind of stress on your body regularly then taking a supplement to help the body manage the load is a great idea. But, is there a supplement that can help you manage your recovery? Yes! And the answer is MSM. 

What is MSM?

MSM is more than an acronym, so, we better address the elephant in the room first. What does MSM stand for? Methylsulfonylmethane (known as MSM) is a natural sulfur-containing compound that’s found in plants, animals, and even humans! 

MSM Foods

• Leafy green vegetables

• Whole grains

• Apples

• Raspberries

• Alfalfa sprouts

• Garlic

• Onions

• Asparagus

What is MSM Good For?

MSM as a vitamin is good for many things, mainly because it has significant anti-inflammatory effects. This makes MSM beneficial for many conditions including allergies, skin problems, pain management, and any inflammation-related issues.

Because exercise in itself creates stress on the body, as well as the need to repair and rebuild, MSM can be particularly beneficial for athletes or anyone who participates in regular physical activity. But why does MSM stand out among some of the best supplements for exercise recovery and pain? Let’s discuss!

Benefits of MSM

Inflammation and oxidation are two chemical processes at the root of many chronic health conditions. So, naturally any nutrient that helps to mediate these processes can be genuinely beneficial to human health. When it comes to exercise, we can use the power of MSM to encourage healthy recovery in multiple ways.

Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

A great way to get over those muscle and body aches – whether they’re exercise-induced or not – is MSM. That’s right, if you’re looking for pain relief, MSM might be the nutrient for you! In fact, studies have seen some success with pain management and mobility in patients with osteoarthritis. One of the main contributing factors to this effect is thought to be due to the anti-inflammatory properties that MSM provides, although research is still needed to determine the full effects of MSM supplementation for pain relief.

Increased Antioxidant Status (Glutathione)

The anti-inflammatory powers of MSM are undeniable, but did you know MSM also improves antioxidant status? If you’ve got no clue what that means, antioxidant status refers to the body’s ability to deal with oxidation. The reason why this is so important, is because when the body can’t deal with oxidants, they can cause cellular damage that results in disease. 

So, what does this have to do with MSM? It’s great at improving antioxidant status because it has been shown to increase glutathione levels - one of the body’s main antioxidants. While MSM itself isn’t an antioxidant, the fact that it helps replenish a key antioxidant means this nutrient is as powerful for wellbeing as they come!

Improved Recovery

The combination of anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation is one that’s perfectly aligned with recovery. Because stress of any kind on the body, including exercise, increases oxidation and inflammation, any nutrient that can help combat these processes will ultimately aid in recovery. So, if you’re recovering from exercise, an injury, or trying to overcome an inflammation-related condition MSM is the nutrient to consider!

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