Best Supplements to Take When Travelling

Best Supplements to Take When Travelling

Summer travel can be so much fun! You’ve waited all year to enjoy it. By visiting new places, and trying new things, it’s time to explore. How can you best support wellness when you travel? Which supplements should you pack in your luggage? How can we make the most of our travels? Read on!

Travel to distant locations, in different time zones, will interfere with a good night of sleep. Melatonin is the answer! Take it for the first three to four nights of your vacation to reset your body’s biological clock, and offset jet lag. Enjoying a warm soak in the bathtub, reading a novel, or meditating, will indicate to your body that it is time to relax. Remember to take melatonin ninety minutes before bedtime for it to be effective.

Once in bed, add a sleep mask. Download a white noise app to your devices, to block out sounds, and unfamiliar noises. You’ll know when to discontinue using melatonin, when your body feels ready to sleep in the new time zone.

A partner supplement to take with melatonin is magnesium. Taken with a small snack before bedtime, it helps to relax muscles, and lull the body into a restful sleep. At Aarja Health, we are partial to our Premium Magnesium3. It contains three high-quality and highly bioavailable magnesium forms: citrate, bisglycinate, and taurinate, as well as zinc, vitamin B6, and lingonberry.

Aarja Health’s Curcumin with B12 and Ginger provides an energy boost. Curcumin and ginger are two of the most powerful, natural antioxidants on the planet. B12 helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. When you take Aarja Health’s Curcumin with B12, there is no need to take another B12 supplement. With 500 mcg of vitamin B12, our supplement already has everything you need, in just one capsule.

Here’s a hint for travellers with motion sickness. Take one of Aarja Health’s Curcumin with B12 and Ginger tablet before you travel in planes, trains, and automobiles. It will quell the queasy feelings in your stomach.

Speaking of stomachs, eating is always a pleasure while on vacation. Yet, sometimes our digestive systems react to the different foods and water, when travelling abroad. Think probiotics, the naturally occurring good bacteria that lives in our bodies. Start taking probiotics two weeks before travel to promote gut and bowel health. Look for the shelf stable variety of probiotics that do not require refrigeration.

Keep your immune system in check while travelling, with a daily does of vitamin C. Aarja Health’s Vitamin C 500 with Zinc & Artic Chaga has what you need. We suggest taking one to two tablets, in the morning with food, to start your day off right. For the kids, don’t forget to pack Kids Vitamin C with Wild Bilberry. It’s a great tasting chewable that kids love.

Vitamin D also helps to aid the immune system. It gives vitamin C an added boost. Aarja Health’s Vitamin D3 4000 with Wild Lingonberry is a chewable tablet that tastes delicious. Take one tablet a day with food. Taken in the morning it has a delightful cheering effect! For kids pack Aarja Health’s Kids Vitamin D3 with Nordic Bilberries in your carry-on bag. It’s a vegan source of vitamin D.

Enjoy your travels this summer. Make the most of your vacation time, by keeping the whole healthy and energized. Bon Voyage!

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