Elisabeth on How to Approach An Active Lifestyle

Elisabeth on How to Approach An Active Lifestyle

Today, our co-founder Elisabeth leads an active lifestyle to feel both strong and energized. This wasn’t always easy for her. Plagued with health issues, requiring multiple heart surgeries, Elisabeth felt tired and distressed. Norway is known as a country that actively participates in outdoor activities, including cross-country skiing, cycling, and running. All Elisabeth wanted was to be part of the fun. 

How did Elisabeth begin her fitness journey? It all started when she met a man named Håkon, who she married.  Then, three years ago they founded Aarja Health. “When I met Håkon, he dragged me out and helped me to start running,” remembers Elisabeth. “I don’t think I would have been able to start that routine without him. He showed me patience and never gave up on me. We started slow.”

Elisabeth’s approach to fitness wasn’t without fear, “I didn’t think that exercise was good for me because of my heart. After a while, I realized that was absolutely a mistake!” She elaborates by saying, “Our heart is a muscle, and when we exercise it gets stronger. It becomes more resistant to arrythmias, which is what I suffered from.” 

Elisabeth says that after she started running, she immediately noticed a change in her day-to-day energy levels. This motivated her to keep moving. “I will be grateful for the rest of my life. Håkon made me realize how important exercise was for my general health.  My mental health improved too.”

Elisabeth runs a couple times a week, throughout the Eight Sami Seasons, but especially enjoys her winter workouts. “We love to go up into the mountains, where there is only pure, white snow, and blue skies, on a sunny day.” Both Elisabeth and Håkon also enjoy cross country skiing together.

As for how she suggests people begin a fitness journey and make it a habit, Elisabeth says, “Start slow, and applaud all your achievements. Start with 10 minutes! There is a lot of research on how beneficial only ten minutes of training per day can be.”Elisabeth cautions that setting goals that are too ambitious can lead to failure. “The mindset is really important,” she stresses. “To start a new habit, it is important to do it gradually.” 

A flexible schedule is key to Elisabeth’s fitness routine. She explains that she works out in the morning, after a light breakfast, or around 3 pm to give her mind a break from working during the week. 

Of course, Elisabeth takes supplements to support her active lifestyle. “If I am hungry before the run, and don’t want to eat, our Isotonic Sporty Boost is perfect to take, because it gives me the energy I need, without filling my stomach with heavy food. “

Elisabeth also takes OptiMSM +C with Bilberry for energy and recovery after workouts, as well as Premium Magnesium3 to prevent muscle cramps. She adds that Curcumin Ginger & B12 is particularly good to use for inflammation after a workout, but when used regularly it works to prevent inflammation. 

By starting and maintaining a fitness routine, Elisabeth has re-energized her life. Regular exercise, combined with a healthy diet, and supplements to support your body is the best approach to an active lifestyle. 

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