Spring is here and the sun is shining filling us with energy and increasing serotonin, “the happiness hormone”, levels in our bodies. You can see people going out, enjoying the sun with smiles on their faces. It feels like spring is bringing us to life again. 


It has been proven that people have a more positive mindset during sunnier days. Also, in Northern countries, it is commonly known that a lack of light affects mood and energy levels. People living in Nordic countries are usually familiar with seasonal tiredness symptoms, as the difference in light between winter and springtime is huge. But the light is not always energising, and some of us may feel fatigued caused by the increase in sunlight. There are no studies about how common spring fatigue is, but it has been physiologically proven to be a real thing. 



In the springtime, our hormone activity is unsteady because of the light. Our melatonin levels are reducing, which causes difficulties to fall and stay asleep. Bright evenings are not making it easier at all, we simply don’t sleep enough, which is one reason for tiredness. Fatigue and tiredness during springtime are not usually serious but they may affect our capabilities and vitality negatively anyway. Changes in hormone activities could also cause symptoms of depression. However, it usually takes a few weeks for the body to adjust to the light and pass the spring tiredness. If it won’t pass and you are still feeling down, here are some tips on how to ease the symptoms: 



It may not be easy to keep your sleep rhythm when the number of light hours increases. But do your best to avoid things that may affect your sleeping routine – like caffeine in the evening, phone and computer screens and even watching TV can affect your sleep. Take time during the day to rest your mind, breathe deep and reduce the stress you may be feeling. 



Exercising and especially outdoor exercise may help to fight spring fatigue. It might be difficult to find motivation but even a walk outside can be helpful. When outdoors you get fresh air to your brain and even short walks can reduce stress. Exercising boosts your metabolism and releases endorphins, which cheers you up physically and mentally. 

Sometimes exercising late in the evenings can stimulate you too much and negatively affect sleep, so it might be better if you do your training during the day or after work. Forest walks can be specifically good because of nature’s calming effect plus those can be done also during the evening.



Eating well and healthy can support your energy and vitality during seasonal changes. Back in the old days when fruits and Vitamin C sources weren’t so common the lack of nutrients especially Vitamin C was the main reason for spring tiredness. Still, it might be good to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also, good and healthy sources of fats, carbs and protein are at the core of everyday wellbeing. When we are tired, we may be more likely to eat unhealthily. Especially too much white sugar. This can make you tired, so try to avoid constantly consuming too much sugar. Dark chocolate may help to increase serotonin levels which are usually down when feeling depressed. So change from milk chocolate to darker ones. Drinking enough is important for metabolism.


Vitamin B’s, which can be found in our SPORTY BOOST Recovery and B12 + Bilberry, are important for energy metabolism as they can reduce tiredness. These vitamins are especially important for people with specific diets like vegans and vegetarians. These B vitamins also support our immune system. 

Find B-vitamins and get energy with Aarja’s multivitamin recovery drink SPORTY BOOST Recovery (temporarily out of stock) and natural Premium B12 + bilberry. You can also get B12 from our natural immune system supporter Longvida Optimized CURCUMIN - a curcumin supplement that contains bioavailable curcumin (from turmeric) and ginger extracts and vitamin B12. 
Vitamin C is best known to be the vitamin supporting the immune system. If your daily consumption of fruits, vegetables and berries is low it might be good to consider if you get enough of vitamin C. Vitamin C also reduces tiredness and fatigue plus a normal energy metabolism. It contributes to the absorption of iron and some other nutrients. Our VITAMIN C 500 is combined with Zinc and Nordic Chaga, which make it also a great product to support the normal vision and healthy skin, hair and nails. 

Try Aarja’s VITAMIN C 500 with Zinc and Nordic Chaga – it gives optimal support to your immune system around the year and also reduces tiredness and fatigue. 


Omega-3 fatty acids are important for the overall body but especially for the brain. If there are not enough fish and other rich omega-3 sources in your diet, this nutrient might be helpful for you. Get highly bioavailable omega-3 fatty acids from Aarja’s much-liked and bioavailable krill oil supplement OMEGA3 BOOST! There will be soon available also new VEGAN ALGAE OMEGA3 product, so stay tuned.
Also, Vitamin D is an important nutrient still even when we get more sun. Our skin is not yet used to utilising the sun rays efficiently and we still wear a lot of clothes. Also sitting long days inside affects a lot to our sun exposure and should be taken into account if you rely on natural D intake. Get your daily D3 from Aarja’s CALSIUM, D3+K2, which contains 50 mg of vitamin D in an absorbable form. Soon available also strong D3 4000 + lingonberry in our webshop!
Magnesium supports muscles and the nervous system, and it is an important nutrient for overall wellbeing. Magnesium may help our bodies to rest and that’s why many people take magnesium before bed. It also supports normal energy metabolism. Aarja’s premium triple MAGNESIUM3 tablets supports your daily performance.



Did you know that it is not a myth that spring is making people more attracted to each other? This is a fun fact but is also more common to have a little crush on someone during springtime. When there is more sunlight, hormones or more precisely brain’s neurotransmitters like serotonin make us more energised and cheer up our moods. It is also one reason why we are more social and interested in each other and perhaps then more prone to meet someone interesting.
We wish you all a healthy and energetic spring full of love! 

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